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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wednesday Big Ass Beer Glass night (aka BAB)

C: Can I get a shiner? Me: sure, $1.75 C: (gives me exact change) Sorry I know you guys probably hate when we give you quarters. I just hate it jingling in my pocket. Me: Yeah I can handle the quarters, its the not tipping part that concerns me the most C: I'm broke, sorry. Me: Don't be sorry, just stop coming to the bar.

C: Can I get a goose and ....... um..... what do you have? Me: cranberry, orange, pineapple, grapefruit, soda, sprite, tonic... C: Um soda. Me: *serves collect money and goes about my job C: *returns to the bar about 5 mins later Excuse me miss? This tastes horrible! Me: you ordered a greygoose and soda and soda water doesn't go bad. C: Its awful! Me: Have you ever had one before C: No Me: Well what were you expecting? C: Well I thought soda meant you would make it with sprite or something Me: *eyeroll You ordered soda you got soda *grabs the drink and tosses it So what is it you really wanted? C: goose and pineapple i guess Me: Well that's definitely going to taste different.

There was this one chick from a party months ago that I took special care of and created a monster. There isn't much more in the bar that ticks me off when you take advantage of my kindness (sometimes laziness too lol). So this chick comes back to haunt me every so often and she's quite the binge drinker. When she gets a little toasty, she starts buying shots for everyone in a 360 degree radius. So she decided that she was buying shot for about 4 ppl. She ordered kamikaze's (which is a very weak shot at our bar, we use nonalcholic triplesec lol). The waitress gives them to her and doesn't collect a card. Later she orders more and clearly doesn't need anymore. She gets the round and tries to lay a kiss on my waitress, who runs and hides until she's gone. Now I have to deal with her. Great. She comes up to the bar and can't find her waitress (imagine that, probably because she's hiding in my storeroom) and needs to close her tab. I call on my manager to help me cut her off. She wants one last round. I ask her for her credit card. She gives it to me. We can't find her tab with the waitress, manager says he'll just comp them later to get her out of the bar lol. I ask her how many she had. She says she ordered 8 from the waitress and then had me make 4 more. I told her I didn't make them. She argued I did and she should be charged for them. I didn't argue lol I rang up 12 shots, ran her card and kept the $20 she tipped me for having to deal with her. Binge drinkers really create headaches for us service industry workers, however we have no problems taking full advantage of how much a pain in the ass you are.

Notes from the shift: If you are wearing hooker boots, thigh high boots OR even leather up to the knee boots you need to go home and change your shoes! Its friggin summer and 90 degrees outside! Even I know this being a tshirt and jeans girl! Rat Ranch four nigthts this week... man they draw some crazy ppl in lol Like the guy who dances infront of the stage (whom, by the way, doesn't tip!) He has his own video on youtube posted by a random customer because he dances like he's on crack. Adults who throw up in a bar and get thrown out should have to pay for the carpet cleaning. It smelled like barf all night long, and I had to hear about it as well as smell it the rest of my shift. If your buddy is getting tossed out and doesn't want to leave, let his drunk butt find his own way home lol I advise the 5 min rule. If the "I'm leaving in 5 mins with or without you" doesn't work then that's their own fault. If you weigh more than 300 lbs, please take careful notice of how your clothes fit. I saw 2 pairs of butt cracks, the back of one very large thong (I seriously didn't know they made them that big, and imo it should be illegal) and the worst camel toe in history through a pair of jeans. Gross *enter gagging noises here. It did cross my mind what happened if she fell over and passed out.. who would be able to pick her drunk ass up? IF you are riding a motorcycle, don't argue with the door guy and then try to throw a punch at him when he tells you that you are not riding the bike home. Just get in the stupid cab!

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