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Sunday, May 23, 2010

To start this short shift off we thought we'd be funny and create name tags for ourselves since it was ghetto saturday. One of my bartenders is Philippino and looks hispanic so he usually gets someone ordering from him in spanish.. which normally sets him into a tailspin. Tonight is no different. We had behind the bar a tally sheet going of the number of times he was spoken to in spanish. Funny how it was only 4 when we were taking count. Anyways we all thought it would be funny to start this name tag thing. The Philippino was Guey (spanish for dude), Me as say, and the old guy as hey. It didn't last long before we were told to take our duct tape name tags off =(

the 4 hour shift goes a little something like this:

C: do you have mixed drinks? Me: Nope! we're out! C: what about all those bottles? Me: They're all filled with water, we forgot to pay our alcohol taxes. C: really? Me: No, I'm just mess'n with ya C: oh lol ok then I'll have an applemartini Me: ok. $5.75 C: can you put it in another glass? Me: its a martini and it belongs in a martini glass C: Well its kinda gay Me: then you should order a big boy drink if you don't want to look gay.

C: I'll take a darktan. Me: a what? C: Darktan Me: I'm sorry never heard of one, what is it? C: a drink Me: well duh but what kind C: a big one Me: can you be more vauge? C: it's bass and guiness Me: (knowing now what this ding dong is referring to) never heard of it. C: Oh I'm sure you have, just put it in a pint glass Me: ok then. (serves the drink) C: see you have served it! Me: Its called a black and tan not a darktan! its not a tanning chain dude. C: hahaha you f**king rock Me: I know.

C: I'll take a bud ice! Me: We don't carry bud ice C: yeah bud ice Me: I said we don't carry it! C: I had one earlier Me: Not from this bar! C: yes you do Me: NO WE DON'T C: What's that bottle in the fridge that's white? Me; that's smirnoff ice C: well that's what i ordered! Me: bud ice, smirnoff ice... yeah I see the difference! (cuts customer off after the transaction)

C: I'll have a blue moon! Me: $4.50 C: turns away to talk to a girl Me: serves a few people, takes money, yada yada yada C: HEY! I need another blue moon. Me: I'm sorry, I'm in the middle of a conversation. I've been waiting on your money and now you have to wait on my service.

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