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Monday, May 17, 2010

I had an average weekend. Lots of drunken people, two nights of The Maxx (which even though you guys are ridiculously loud, enjoyed your music), only had one night where the credit cards and computers crashed, decided after watching this old couple make out like teenagers at the bar that there should definitely be an age limit that you are allowed to publicly display this kind of behavior and the ever looming roach problem is a really big problem. Saturday night when I arrived there was a big nasty roach (horns and all) still stuck from the night before in between the screens on the register. This one was lodged at a better location than last time. He only affected the pulling up a couple of tabs. How ever through the whole shift I got to watch him slowly die. By the end of the night, his leg would twitch every so often. It was really gross and even my bosses agreed. On Wednesday, the regulars in the corner were turning over our tip jars and trapping them on the bar. They thought it was funny. They were competing to see who could trap the most. OH!! and did you know the show soft porn late night on Telemundo? LOL They were asking for a soccer game and they put it on the only one the could find on Telemundo. Sometime after the game, one of the boys notices whats on the TV. Some naked guy bang'n a girl from behind LOL. Needless to say, one of the bartenders ran to change it. Only a few customers complained ~.-

So since I don't have any real customer stories (I was stuck in the well all weekend), I will share an archive from Sam's Boat.

C: Shiner pitcher please. Me: how many glasses? C: 4 Me: that will be $6 please. C: stares at me with a blank expression on his face Me: after a couple of awkward seconds... I said its $6. C: blinks. Me: Can I please have $6 for this pitcher please? C: no response. Me: What are you f**king deaf?! ENTER C2. he walks up behind him and says to me... C2: well yes he is actually. All of us that table over there are from the deaf society. Me: feels the need to duck down behind the bar and hide.....

They actually were pretty cool after that and came in pretty frequently. They teased me every time too.

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  1. LOL!!! One time I yelled at a guy stumbling up the ramp that he should just turn around because he was already stumbling and drunk. His friends then informed me that he had MS. I felt like the biggest jerk in the world.