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Friday, May 28, 2010

Tonight we were slow and had an unusual amount of foreigners, which isn't a bad thing, they just take more time to wait on mainly due to miscommunication. For instance, this guy orders a coffin. A coffin? yeah we're low on those.. btw, what is it? lol Well it happens to be a generous splash of coke mixed in the same glass as a light beer... EWW! So Stella and coke the man gets. A woman in the same party was drinking Dry Vermouth on the rocks with a lemon! I didn't even know how to charge for that! lol And bring on the ghetto! Thanks for making me cringe one more time with a truly nasty drink! Hennessy with raspberry liquor and pineapple! ICK! There were a few idiots tonight but this one took the cake!

C: I'll take a greygoose on the rocks with lemon and lime. Me: Serves the drink, "$6.50 please." C: this is greygoose right? Me: Yes. C: it doesn't look right. are you sure its not water? Me: excuse me? what do you mean it doesn't look right? C: Its not the right color. Me: I'm not sure what color greygoose is in your country, but here its clear. C: It just doesn't look right. Me: Don't know what to tell ya. Its definitely goose.

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  1. You should've taken the drink back and subbed water for the Goose! LOL!