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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Not much to write about. Memorial Day weekend is pretty slow because everyone goes out of town. Here are a few shifts notes from the night.

When I hear certain orders, I automatically know you are not going to give me the appropriate tip. When someone comes up to the bar and orders 5 irish car bombs at $7.50 a pop, I know I'm going to get screwed on the tip. Anyone ordering more than 2 patron shots, I'm getting screwed. If you order an long island ice tea, 90% chance I'm going to get screwed. Guiness? Ya 50% chance even if I take the time and pour it right, which lately I'm finding a better way to screw you in return for not tipping.

Things that will get you an automatic ejection from the bar:
Randomly trying to kiss a random customer at the bar. Yeah Hector, that's for you!

Falling off your barstool.

Taking my salt tray and dumping it in my tip jar. WTF dude!

Falling asleep at the bar. Yes, it happens more than you think!

So thats about it. Since I was in the waitress well it was pretty boring and since I can't whine about what goes on behind the bar I'll just end by giving some advice.

Take the $300 cab ride home. Its better than flirting with the $10k DUI. If you buy a girl a drink, and she tells you she's going to the bathroom, she's most likely not coming back. Buying girls drinks all night does not mean they're going home with you, or giving you their correct number. Hitting on the bartender does not get you free or stronger drinks. Tipping big on the other hand will =) All bartenders are entrepreneurs. Want my attention? SHOW ME THE MONEY! lol

Two more days... You'll get your crack!

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