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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

finishing my stories from last week. I was too exhausted Sat night to finish up the night. Here is the rest.

C: taking a huge stack of napkins and wiping her sweat off her flushed face, "Excuse me! I need a huge glass of water!" Me: Ok C: This band is awesome! I haven't left the dance floor since they started! OMG I'm so hot. Me: serves her the water C: drinks it down in one shot and asks for another Me: fills it back up C: drinks it all back down Me: fills it up one last time C: thanks! I needed that! Oh wait here!! (reaches into her bra and pulls out a $5 bill and holds it out) Me: Yeah no thanks! you can throw it in the tip jar C: Here take it and0 put it in your pocket! Me: I'm good thanks. C: laughs and still holding out the money Me: reach over grab a couple of napkins, grabs the bill with the napkins, wrap up the money and throw it in the tip bucket. Later on I give it to my barback lol AND i still didn't touch that nasty sweaty boobie money!!!

C: Can I have a bluemoon please? Me: sure $4.50 C: pays me. then waves me down again, "Can I have change for this please?" Me: "Sure." Hold up the c-note to make sure its real and waits for the comment about him making it today or something along that line... take the change back to the customer and go about my job. C: waiting, and watching, watching some more, not leaving the bar... staring... Me: I'm sorry, did you need something else? C: Yeah the rest of my money. I already paid you for the beer. Me: Yeah I know, I gave you change for the $100 bill. C: (holds out the change) you shorted me! Me: No I gave you change for $100. count it. C: (counts the money in his hand) its short! watch.. counts out the money in front of me. 20 (its really a fifty), 20, 20, 5, and 5 ones. Me: "May I?" (grabs money from the idiot and counts loud and slamming money on the bar, did i add i was 5 deep? lol) 50! 20! 20! 5! 5 ones! $100. C: See its short. Me: Dude that 20 is a 50! do you need a calculator?! C: OH! Sorry.... Me: ARG!! (bangs head on beer taps)

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