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Sunday, May 2, 2010

There was only one from last night, but it was enough to piss me off for the rest of the night.

C: Can I get an absolute and (enter mutter here) Me: I'm sorry we're out of absolute. C: ok what else do you have? Me: sputter off about 6 other vodkas C: I guess stoli will be ok Me: Ok, so that's a stoli and ? C:*turns around and starts talking to his buddy. Me: Excuse me sir? Oh well. You'll get thirsty eventually. Start taking other people's orders and making them. About 15 mins later customer turns around C: Hey where's my drink. Me: I told you we were out of absolute, you requested stoli and when I asked what you wanted with it you turned around. C: I want stoli Me: I know. what do you want with it? C: Stoli Me: (getting irritated) I KNOW, do you want it on the rocks, with juice, tonic? What? C: I want it with redbull. Me: Serve him his drink. C: Can I get it tall please? Me: really? C: yeah, i want a bigger glass Me: pour it into a bigger glass, add more ice and redbull. C: aww now you watered it down Me: I'm sorry, you didn't ask for a double. C: well put another shot in there. Me: Um yeah I need you to drink some of it down so I can fit another shot in there. C: no just add it on top! Me: (Pick up a glass, turn it over and proceed to bang my head a couple of times against it to mock banging my head on a wall) Dude, its not going to fit! C: OH. (sips his drink) Me: Pours one very short shot of stoli's C: that's it. Me: (fuming) That will be $11.50. C: you charged me for the second shot? Me: What did you expect me to do? C: hook me up and stick the money in your tip jar. Me: I don't what bar you normally go to but that's not how we do it here. Plus you're not worth losing my job over. $11.50 please. C: You're such a bitch. Hands me a $20, takes his change and walks off.

I had to walk away from the bar at the point. Emergency potty breaks are good for moments like that. I swear there needs to be a mandatory policy in this country that everyone out of high school must serve one year in the service industry so they can learn some couth.

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