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Friday, May 14, 2010

Been awhile since my last update mainly due to not working enough shifts to produce any new material. Been studying and prepping for a test I just finished taking. So since I don't have really anything to report, I'm going to share a short story from a friend whom I play a game with. He's a bartender in the UK.

This one is for you Thunder ~.-

(conversation on the game)
Thunder: anyone watch Family Guy? Me: of course! I love Stewie!! Thunder: well I think I met the old man tonight. Me: The child molester one? lol Thunder: yeah, him Me: That's awesome! lol tell me what happened Thunder: Well he freaked out the other bartender so bad he wouldn't wait on him. Me: No way!! lol tell me! Thunder: I'll message it to you....

Open the message:
The guy had asked the bartender if he had a girlfriend. Bartender said yes and he was very happy with her. She gave awesome head. The old guy replied to that statement with "I have no teeth"

OH and btw I found some funny youtube videos called "the bartender hates you". Most of the stuff of course I'd love to do to customers, but can't. I would though if I won the lottery and didn't care about my job.

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