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Sunday, May 30, 2010

short 4 hour shift, long enough to make me bald. Nothing out of the ordinary as far as stupidity goes but some shift notes for my loyal fans.

IF you are good looking, whether you admit it or not, leaving the bartender with an empty tip jar drops your cute points dramatically. I've even told other women whom have asked about you that you're a cheap ass and probably will expect them to pay your bills. Men, tip your damn bartender.

Wedding parties... omg. What a nightmare. Already been drinking, socializing at the pub in ugly bridesmaid dresses and half drunk. NIGHTMARE. Oh and if you yell miss one more time I'll yank that pretty little flower out of your hair and make you eat it!

Everyone tonight seemed like they had rocks in their mouths while ordering. I mean, it could have been my pounding head ache and the loud band, but I doubt it. Speak up and enunciate your order!

Met a guy for the first time tonight who admitted he had Tourette Syndrome. It would have been funny had he cursed like the guy in Boondock Saints. Instead, he was painful to wait on because he couldn't get his order out of his mouth for stuttering.

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