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Saturday, July 3, 2010

So long time no blog. Summer school is taking its toll. Here are some shift notes from tonight. I was feeling froggy!

There is a group of very older, chunky ladies we call the cougars. They are 1) annoying 2) water pitcher drinking 3) ulgy shoe wearing 4) poorly dressed older women who run my waitresses to death, order in spurts, hit on all the youngins, dance like two pigs tied up in a sack, and stand in the only walk space available. Tonight was one of their bdays. She got walked out but poor thing should had been carried out. They were all wearing glowing bunny ears and the bday girl herself was wearing blinking penis's on her head. Totally not cool. That's probably why you went home in a cab, alone. Oh and lets not forget the singing in unison of "You got what I need" numerous times ladies.......

I have more but will have to write whenever I find more free time. I still have the notes.

And a shot out to Mark. Love you buddy, stay strong and laugh a little. I know it sucks but you are in our prayers.

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