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Sunday, April 18, 2010

so nothing exceptionally dumb happened tonight. I thought maybe I would share an old experience. Only two people I talk to every now and then will remember this story.....

Sunday afternoon. Bar in Dallas. I am a bar manager set to go in and manage/bartend around 5. I get a call around 3 from my security guard telling me I'm need to come in early, there has been an event.

I show up. My red headed, hot tempered bartender has a paramedic working on her head, dressing her wounds. The bar is half empty according to her. I run over and ask what happened. She tells me this bitch hit her over the head with our fish bowl. About this time I'm a little confused. Fish bowl? Oh you mean that bowl we put the business cards in for a monthly drawing for a free lunch? Yeah thats the one. I stop asking questions and let her do her thing. I carry on and finish setting up the bar for a slow night. Once the bar empties out from the day shift and the afternoon football games, some employees and myself head to the office to watch the surveillance camera's for what really happened. And it goes a little something like this.....

Courtney, the red headed bartender, looks like she's having a normal shift. About 20 bar customers on a sunday afternoon watching football, eating and having some beers. There is this girl that keeps coming to the bar every 15 mins. After the 3rd time you can tell that Courtney is getting frustrated. There is no audio on the tape so we watch for body language. You can see the bartender flipping her hair out of the way, shaking her head. Who knows what is going on. The next transaction between this girl and Courtney is long. You can tell there is some aggressive behavior from both girls. You see Courtney pacing up and down the bar. The next time that girl comes up to the bar, both are pointing fingers and waving arms. Its clear they are in an argument. Both girls are showing signs of aggression towards each other by waving arms, pointing fingers and running their mouths. The talk escalates to the girls aggressively pointing to the end of the bar and then running towards it, except the customer picks up the fish bowl and carries it to the end of the bar. When they meet, the customer bashes Courtney over the head with the fish bowl. Without hesitation Courtney takes the blow and immediately grabs the customer by the hair and starts to beat her head with her fist repeatedly. After she grabs a hand full of hair and bashes her in the head with her knee. The boys in the bar try to break them up. It all ends with the guys the customer was with dragging the girl kicking out the door and Courtney restrained by other customers.

This was all viewed on cameras. No charges were ever pressed and Courtney didn't loose her job, only because we had no one to replace her.


  1. I remember that. Courtney always was a flake. Better yet, tell the one about your admirer of the female persuasion and the night of hte knockout!