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Saturday, April 17, 2010

guy in the middle of the bar on his cellphone, hanging half way across it propped up on his elbows. I have noticed he's been there for a couple of minutes but he hasn't made eye contact. I make one sweep, two sweeps, three sweeps and he is still deep in his conversation over the loud band (I must have a really crappy phone lol). Customer reaches OVER the bar and stops me like a toll both gate arm. C: Excuse me, you've been ignoring me and I'd like a drink? Me: Pfft! I'm sorry if no one has informed you of this thing called cellphone etiquette. I advise if you want a drink to put down your damn phone down long enough to make contact and order your drink. Now quit being rude and I'll be with you in just a moment. C: -look of shock and disbelief

Here are a couple of examples why bartenders hate girls, and groups of them.

2 girls at the bar gossiping. Me: Hey ladies, what can I get for you? C1: I'll have a malibu and coke C2: Do you have any drink specials? Me: Spurt off the happy hour specials C2: umm. what kind of wine do you have Me: cheap. we have every color. C2: What kind of red do you have? Me: Liberty Creek Cab and Merlot. C2: ugh..... give me a second please. Me: sure.... make the other drink for C1. serve $3 please. C2: ok I'll have a glass of chardonnay. Me: serve $2.50. C1 and C2 both give me seperate credit cards to open.

The rest of the night they sit outside with a waitress running her around ordering their drinks from her, promising on the "next round" to get it from the bar, which they don't. 4 drinks each later they come in to close their tabs. The waitress sends me on tab and tells me to put it on the chard chick cuz she said so. C2: we'd like to close out please Me: closes out the card and hands it over C2: Miss? this is just wrong. you've over charged me and I want you to fix it now. Me: Excuse me? I'll be with you as soon as I'm done serving these 8 shots of patron. So I walk over and she's got all this stuff circled. C2: I didn't drink these malibu's Me: Yeah I know. Your girl here did. C2: Well I'm not paying for them. Me: You must think that I'm in capable of taking them off your tab and adding them to hers by the tone of your voice. C2: Just fix it. Me: I fix it and close both tabs and take a shot for pure attitude adjustment.

Group of girls 2- They are all in a circle yapping about clothes, boys, etc. I approach with caution. Can I help you ladies? C1: Yes can I get a Jagerbomb? Me: go to serve and she's on the other side of her lady horde. so I set it aside. The rest of the lady horde are still yapping with some backs to the bar. Long story short they finally turn around to order, one by one each separately closing their one drink to a credit card. Finally the one chick who ordered the JB says to me C1: I ordered a jagerbomb from you like 10 mins ago. Me: Yeah I know and its been sitting there (pointing to her shot) waiting for you to pay for it. It takes her 10 more mins to give me exactly 7 wadded up dollars to pay for her stink'n shot.

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