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Sunday, April 25, 2010

I only worked two days this week. I also happened to work two late shifts. This is what occured during my shifts....


Arrive at the bar and we already have a group of people on one tab that is around $400 when I clock in. pparently they had been there since about 5pm. I clock in at 9pm. They close down the bar, close the tab out and its about $1k. They give us $200 on the tab and $200 in cash. Now that's the way a corporation should take care of the servers! Good on ya mate!

I go to the restroom. I am in the process of flushing and pulling down my skirt when I hear a loud bang and the floor trembles. I walk out to find a circle of people around this guy who has passed out and taken a table and 2 chairs down with him. All I see are two legs and feet, not moving. Apparently this guy has passed out before and this was another occurance. Dude, you need to seek rehab.

C: (in an inaudiable voice and turning his head away from me) mumbles a drink order Me: I'm sorry, what was that? C: repeat Me: I can't hear you, can you repeat that? C: repeat Me: (grabs his head and faces it towards me) repeat that please C: repeat Me: (grabs his head again and holds it in place facing me) say that one more time C: I want a Shiner draft. Me: Well thank you! I'm not sure you noticed but there is a LOUD band playing behind you!

On a side note, I actually got asked by the same girl 4 times to make her a greygoose and vodka. No shit. When did greygoose and cranberry get mistaken for this?


I arrive and get behind the bar. The very first transaction is a credit card transaction. I tell them, the stapled copy is mine and the other is yours. Customer takes off with the stapled copy. (sigh) Already the customers are not listening to me. Seriously? Already? The next 4 drink orders from customers and every bottle I touch runs out of alcohol. This is going to be a long night.....

C: Can I have a snakebite? Me: serves the beer cocktail. That will be $4.75 C: and a margarita? Me: is that all? C: (talking to his friend about what he ordered) and another snakebite? Me: (sigh) ok. $13.75 C: I also would like some darts Me: ok that will be $13.75 for the drinks and a credit card and an ID or an ID and a $10 deposit for the darts C: huh? Me: Ok, obviously you guys were smoking in the parking lot before you came in! (in a tone like I'm talking to a 2 year old) It will be $13.75 for the drinks..... and for the darts I need a credit card and an ID, OR an ID and a $10 deposit. C: how much are the darts? Me: (looks left then looks right) they are free. Just need what I asked for. You'll get them back when you return them. C: So the darts are free? Me: (getting aggrivated) Yes. The darts are free providing proper deposit to borrow them, the drinks however are NOT free. 5 mins later, they finally get it together.

When? When did it become a drink order to ask for your mixer before the alcohol?! You don't ask for a coke and rum or a cranberry and vodka! You ask for a vodka and cranberry, a crown and coke, a RUM and COKE!!! 13 years behind the bar and this is what I have to deal with. It may seem dumb, but when you order from a bartender, we group things in our heads such as beer, shots, wine, and alcohol. When you order your mixer FIRST, it throws us all off.

OK, last note on the bar: We are a 32 year old bar. We have issues. Roaches are one of them. They have morphed into a type of roach I have never witnessed. Instead of being large in size or having wings, these things have these horned things on their backs! Totally wicked looking! I've never seen anything like them! Oh and not to mention the whole shift on Friday I had to enter in my transactions around a dead small roach from inside our touch screen. He was lodged in between the screens. I found it rather difficult to enter in tips because he was in the way of the number 2 on the touch pad. 2 is rather important when entering in tips. Totally gross!!! Although he wasn't there for the Saturday shift.... odd.

Just so everyone knows, we don't serve food. We do however share property with other businesses that could attract these nasty creatures. I've been told if we spray for roaches, which we do weekly, we'll have more fruit flys, and if we spray for fruit flys, we'll have more roaches....... Seriously, there is no win on this situation.

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