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Friday, April 16, 2010

Guys standing at the bar talking with empty drinks. Me: Would you care for another round? C: Sure! Two double bourbons and diet coke with lime. Me: Serves and asks for payment C: I have a tab Me: What's the last name? C: Swanson Me: -looks up on our tabs and cannot locate the customer's tab.. "Excuse me, did you open your tab at this bar or maybe with a waitress?" C: Oh yeah I opened it with Hope (pointing to her from across the bar) Me: Why the hell did you order from me then? I don't have access to her or anyone else's tabs other than the ones at this bar -walks away shaking my head.


  1. LOLOLOL That's one of my best friends. He's 100% idiotic moronic white trash.

  2. Fuck you sager, I am that swanson. Suck my cock, and that's why i dont go to those shitty fucking bars anymore. All the women are trashy, the waiters are god awful, and the majority of clients are d bags.