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Thursday, April 15, 2010

C: What do you have on tap? Me: I can name them for you, or you could turn around and look at them. You do have your back to the bar. C: Oh you have a lot! Me: Yeah we do. That's why I sympathize with a man who hasn't acquired the "eyes in the back of the head" trick like us women.

C: ML draft please Me: $1.75 C: Really? Me: Yes its our Wednesday special. C: Seriously? Me: seriously C: this beer is really $1.75?! Me: -eyeroll if you ask one more time I'm charging you double.

2am bar closes. 2:15am everyone is kicked out. 2:30am all tabs except the band's are closed and tips counted. 2:45 band tab is still open. Everything is clean, counted, organized...waiting on the band to finish paperwork. 3am Band closes all their tabs except one. Where is Seven (yes Seven is his name)Have you seen Seven? Can you pay his $19 tab so I can go home? No, can you find him please? 3:30am Seven is located. He's banging some girl in the parking lot. 3:45 out of pity his son pays his tab! Stupid Rockers.

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