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Sunday, April 11, 2010

The bar has been pretty disappointing as far a dumb customers are concerned. However tonight there were a few instances to display such behavior. It took all of 3 night shifts this week to finally get some material for the blog. Funny how it all happened in one blissfully slow night. I had decided to have a couple of cocktails before my 10 o'clock shift to make my mood slightly enhanced, and boy am I glad I did because it started off with some foreigners that had zero clue how to order drinks......Did I mention the band had a girl singer so we got to hear some things I've never heard in a bar lol Like Madonna. They were all dresses as characters. One guy was super Mario, another looked like dragon ball Z, the bass player looked like Speed Racer (helmet and goggles included) and the lead singer chick looked like a slut lol

C: What do you have on tap? Me: Seriously? (standing infront of the beer taps) C: Yeah. Me: Would you like for me to name them off for you? C: Yes. Me: Bud, Budlight, Millerlite, Coorslight, Shiner, Ultra, Killians, Woodchuck Apple, Sam Adams, Sam Adams Seasonal, Blue Moon, Shock Top, Bass, Harp, Guiness, Dos XX, Sierra Nevada,Stella, New Castle, Boddingtons. C: Do you have Budlight? Me: (look of disbelief) Yes. C: Give me one of those. Me: -serves the beer $3.25 C: ok I have one more coming Me: So you want me to wait? C: Yeah I have to go get my buddy at the door, your bouncer won't let him in. Me: .... 20 mins later C: ok he'll have a Shiner Me: $7 but there's a $10 service charge for making me wait. C: Really? Me: unfortunately not but wouldn't that be nice? C: Gives me exact change......

Girls arrive at the bar in a group. C: Can we get 3 bullblasters and 3 Dos XX Me: Bottle or draft C: yeah Me: Is that bottles or draft? C: whatever Me: -serves 3 bottles and 3 bullblasters C: We wanted drafts Me: Whatever is not a valid answer to my previous question of bottles or draft. C: We'll take the bottles. This is for one Dos XX -hands me a credit card, and this is for 3 of the shots -hands me another credit card, and how much is the rest. Me: I don't know. I failed 8th grade level math.

C: Give me a beer. Me: Want me to choose it for you? C: Well what do you have? Me: -sigh I have a lot C: on draft? Me: Everything behind me C: Hmmmm -walks away and leaves his buddy at the bar Me: So are you going to choose? C: Ummmm, give us a Stella Pitcher. Me: How many glasses? C: 6 Me: Honey you're going to need another pitcher. One pitcher holds 4 glasses C: Ok give me two then. Me: -serves the two pitchers $31 please C: I only have $20 Me: We take credit cards too. C: Can you take back the othe pitcher? Me: Seriously? C: Yeah. Me: Ok. -pours out the other pitcher..... C: Wait he'll pay for the second. Me: You just made me waste an entire pitcher of beer C: Can you retrieve it? Me: This dog don't hunt.

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