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Monday, March 8, 2010

C: I'd like to close my tab Me: I'm sorry our computers just crashed. It will be about 5 mins before I can access your tab or we can just close it out at the end of the night C: OK but can I close my tab Me: Repeat C: But I want to close my tab Me: repeat C: Look all I want to do is close my tab Me: Can I get a translator?!

Me: What can I get for you guys Cs: Long Island, absolute and cranberry, Beautiful. Me: thanks! C: well you are beautiful but I mean the drink. Me: Never heard of it. whats in it? C: Courvoisier and Grand Marnier. Me: In houston we call that a French Connection. Drinks served. C: Miss?! Me; Yes sir? C: can you put some ice in my drink? Me: Thats not the absolute cranberry you ordered in your hand. its in front of you C: Yeah but I want ice in my drink. Me: Look dummy, that's your gf's drink. The absolute and cranberry you ordered is IN FRONT OF YOU. C: Oh. Me: AND of course.. NO TIP for his $20 round... surprising...

Erick and I are listening to Bramble tell a story about his prom night when some random drunk patron who was sitting silently at the bar drinking his newly ordered and served new castle when he slams his hand down on the bar and says, "I know I'm drunk but your whack man!" and continues to tell Bramble how "whack" he is and how he needs to change his attitude and repeatedly says he's "whack". Bramble asks this drunkard if he even knows what he's talking about. The guy says no and keeps verbally abusing him. The two end up exchanging some fighting words and I ask the guy to leave. He goes to a different bar but not after some choice words. I eventually make it to the door to request his exit executed immediately. He doesn't leave quietly either lol but none-the-less booted out.

And the EMT patch on his jacket was just... disturbing lol ...

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  1. Nice blog sis! Stories are funny and sad about drunkies, but hey! I guess after 14 years of bartendering, you understand that our brain stop working after a few drinks XD

    Oh, and I doubt I'll be drinking at your bar since most of the times I got "mexican" nickels with me =(

    Hector aka Zhraven