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Monday, March 8, 2010

C: Can I get 2 jagerbombs and a ML draft. Me: certainly. C: continues his conversation with the band member at the bar Me: serve drinks. That will be $17.25 C: continues his convo and continues to ignore me Band dude: Jager please. Me: serves shot C: drinks band memebers shot of jager Band dude: Hey dude! you just drank my shot! C: my bad, can he get another shot please? Me: serves his shot of jager, adds an addition shot of jager to his tab, prints it out, puts it infront of C and says that will be $22.50. C: continues his conversation.

Band memeber walks off and so does the customer who hasn't paid for his drink....

I grab my manager, put the receipt in his hand and ask him to chase down the C and tell him to come back and pay for his drinks. The customer returns and is raising hell about having to be dragged back to the bar. He said he had a tab. I asked his last name. He gave it to me. I did not have his tab. I asked him if he started one with a waitress or at another bar. He said a waitress. I asked which one. He said he didn't know, but its here somewhere. He's embarrassed and pissed that we've treated him so poorly. He's pouring out credit cards on the bar and tossing them at me saying, here put them on this one, or this one, or this one. Pick one. I pick one up, swipe it and put it in the pile of credit cards laying on my bar. At this time another manager is trying to calm him down and get what was wrong with him out. As he's trying to calm him down, its obviously irritating him more. I started waiting on other customers and waitresses trying to avoid telling the customer to quit being such a jerk.

Right before he walks off from the bar, he pours his beer all over my bar, drops his glass and walks off. I look over at my manager and say, "I'm not waiting on him after that."

My manager allowed him to stay after talking to him. I never saw him again.

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