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Monday, March 8, 2010

C: I'll have a blue hawaiin. Me: 5.75 C: ~takes a big gulp... I don't like it. Me: Then why did you order it? C: Can I exchange it for a vodka cranberry? C: I'm sorry they only serve free sample at the top bar. AFTER CLOSING: John: Did you tell someone crazy lady that I was the only bar that served free samples Me: ~giggle

C: I'll have a grey goose and vodka Me: Grey goose is vodka C: Yeah grey goose and vodka Me: so do you want it on the rocks, with cranberry or what? C: just grey goose and vodka Me: yeah ok (shaking head and pours a shot of grey goose in a shot glass, serves to C) C: where's the cranberry? Me: I'm sorry, I forgot to te...ll you I stopped reading minds after 10.

C: Hi, crown and coke. Do you take credit cards? Me: No, you managed to find the only bar in the fourth largest city in the America that doesn't accept credit cards. That will be $5.25 cash please. (Evil grin)

C: Rum and coke Me: $2 please C: (pulls out misc pocket change and counts out $2) Me: I'm sorry all I can take are quarters, paper and plastic. We don't use nickles, dimes pennies. C: But this is all I have Me: If you need a drink that badly I'll buy this for you however if you cannot afford to drink and tip please stay at home.

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