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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

C: Hi, howya do'n? Me: Peachy C: I'm a bartender Me: (eyebrow raise) Really? Where at? C: oh just down the road. Say can I get a rum and coke with that ole 10 count? Me: 10 count? Seriously? C: Yeah Me: for the cost of a 5 count? C: Hell ya! Me: Sure...... (shaking head) ... cram as much ice in the glass as I can,stuff a straw in the glass, pour a 4 count of run down the straw, splash with coke and take my time delivering by ringing it up and printing out a receipt so it the ice could melt and make it look full and light in color mwhahahahahaha! C: Wow what a pour! You're an awesome bartender! Me: Thanks, that'll be $3.75 C: man that's cheap. Here ya go, I'll see ya in a few. Me: Looks at the $5 he just handed me and laughs.

Note to readers: If you have enough balls to say you're in the service industry, you better be prepared to tip like one. Most of us in the industry will order a double or go to our friends if we want a strong drink lol ALSO don't ask for a strong drink, it just automatically makes our counts faster and therefore pour less alcohol. Its not done on purpose its just a normal reaction for being demanded to do something. Remember: take care of me, I'll take care of you. This will get you far in a bar unless your bartender is an ass or a dumb blonde. We're all entrepreneurs.

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