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Thursday, April 1, 2010

C: 2 jagers and 2 bombs. No, 2 bulljagers. Wait 2 jagerblasters. Um.... Me: 2 jagerbombs?? C: Yeah those. Me: Are you sure you need anymore? C: of course Me: $14 C: you charge $14 for nyquil? Me: No I charge $14 for 2 jagerbombs. C: You don't think they taste like nyquil? Me: No I think they taste like ass. C: so you charge $14 for ass? Me: Yep! pay up. C: "shouting at the next customer" Don't drink anything she serves you! she'll charge you $14 for something that she says tastes like ass!! Me: ^sigh

C: Can I have a big bluemoon with a shot of chambord? Me: In the same glass? C: yes Me: Let's clarify this... bluemoon with a shot of chambord? C: yes Me: really? C: Yes Me: ^serves a shot of chambord and a 22oz bluemoon "I wasn't sure of the ratio so I gave you both in seperate glasses....... ( in my head... yeah that just sounds gross but I'm too nice to tell you that)

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