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Friday, April 2, 2010

At last call....

C: I'll have two rum and cokes Me: makes the drinks, serves and asks for $7.50 and notices he has two rum and cokes in front of him C: Where did these come from? Me: You ordered them from me C: No I didn't Me: Oh yes you did. C: Where did these other two come from? Me: Perhaps you double ordered. One from me and one from the other bartender? C: No I just ordered Me: Well you still owe me $7.50 from my order C: I'm not paying for your drinks Me: Seriously? C: Yeah, I didn't order these from you? Me: So who did you order them through? C: I don't know. I asked and they appeared Me: Well I didn't make up your drink order from my butt C: Its all your fault. Me: Excuse me? C: Its all your fault for making my drinks Me: Are you going to be paying for these or not? C: No I didn't order them from you! Me: ~gives the best evil eye I can give, removes the drinks and pours the drinks down the drain...... then adds them to my spill tab.

1 comment:

  1. You should have grabbed all four of his drinks and told him he was cut off because he's too drunk to reason. They got to learn that the bartender will always win.