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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

so besides seeing the "rockers" rock out tonight (witnessing naked asses and balls) I also witness just one questionable transaction. Note: The band who are playing tomorrow for St. Patty's day decided to come in and drink, and what a riot)

C; Can I have a shiner and a guiness? Me: sure ^serves the shiner as the guiness settles... that will be $7 C: pays and points to the guiness Me: have you ever ordered a guiness? C: all the time Me: Then give it a minute! C: get the guiness and walks away without tipping

Note: I recently read a poster advertising the proper pouring technique behind guiness, and they stated that on average the proper pour of guiness would bring in tips..... they lied. Most customers don't want to wait and want their beer pronto!

Sidenote: Rockers can't handle their alcohol any better than anyone else! Hence the flashing of flesh mentioned above. Thanks Velcro Pygmies, Rat Ranch and opening band. What a display of drunken madness on the patio as I left. Enter St. Patty's day.... the nightmare shift at the bar.

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