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Thursday, March 18, 2010

After a long shift at work, there were many encounters with the normal rookie wanna be Irish. So before I begin, lets outline a little bit about my shift. Started at 2pm and got home about 5am with about 5 hours of sleep the previous night, however 4 redbulls, 2 5hour energys, and some diet pepsi I lasted the entire shift without passing out. We got busy around 6, ran out of Irish Whiskey around 8 and was burried at the bar by 9. From 10 to 2 it seems like we all were on a treadmill, working as fast as we could with little as communication to fill orders. No food, no cigs and no potty breaks past 10. Actually I snuck in a pee break about 1am lol Thank you Sherlocks for supplying us with porta potties in the back. That line wrapped around the room and out the door since about 7pm lol


C: Vodka/cran Me: 3.75 C: oh and a BL Me: $7 C: oh and a jager Me: $12.25 and do you happen to need anything else? Just because you can't multitask at work doesn't mean I can't.

C: 2 jagerbombs and a BL. Me: $17.25 C: OH! and can I add a L.I.T.? Me: No! C: why are you being so bitchy? Me: Nice ended at 11! pay up.

C: waving and yelling at me whining he's been there forever Me: How can I service you? (in a very sarcastic tone) C: Turns around and asks his friends behind them what they want to drink Me: Loudly counting 1,2,3! BUZZ!! Next! and yes he waited another 10 mins before he got served, but this time he was ready lol

C: Double crown/coke and a jagerbomb Me: $17.5 walk off and serve a couple of more customers, start a few more tabs, close a couple of tabs and still no moola. I stand infront of the customer... "hello? can I get some form of payment?" C: Huh? Me: shouting loudly "HOLD ON EVERYONE! THE WHOLE BAR HAS TO STOP AND WAIT FOR THIS SLACKER TO GET HIS SHIT TOGETHER AND PAY FOR HIS DRINKS!" C: fumbling for a 20 and now has about 30 ppl booing him.

so yeah that was about it. All in all, normal stuff amazingly. Most everyone was well behaved. Well except for the chick who tossed our glass tip jar at us around midnight. She cracked it wide open and got an automatic ejection from the bar. No one knew why she threw it lol OH and guess the waitress who kept pissing off Tiff for serving customers at the bar. That's a huge act of disrespect.

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  1. As far as the waitress who was stealing your customers, easy fix. Either she gives you half her tips for the entire night or you don't fill her orders. That'll learn her.